Arborfield 62C Intake 10th September 1962


Some 129 of us arrived at the camp gate on the 10th September 1962, we lost some and gained some over the next 3 years and passed out as qualified tradesmen to our relevant posting after our Passing Out Parade on the 12th August 1965.


I have listed the names from the Junior Coy intake, and will add those who joined our Div as and when I have the correct information. The list is published by kind permission of the The Arborfield Old Boys Association.  I have been gathering information and photos from various sources of Old Boys and you can view these using the navigation buttons, I could always do with more items to publish. Sadly there will be those who haven't made it this far, those names I know are listed on our “Roll of Honour” (Roll of Honour) page and would be pleased to hear from anyone who knows of any further of our number who have passed away. All your comments, additional information, mistakes spotted and any photographs, will be gratefully received,

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Intake 62C 10th September 1962



Recent additions

May 2013 - 3 new pages of photos  on the “C” Company Pages

A splendid album of photos recently supplied by Brian (Mac) McDonald, more photos from George Fryer who has already contributed much to the web site and photos from Pip Rowley, kindly donated by his wife Jenny.

Other recent updates are reports of our 50th Reunion weekend 2012 50 Years


Some photos sent in by Peter Lainson & Carl Powell   1 2 3 Div  &   B Company

Some of the “D” Coy  lads approx 4 Div time from Graham Bushby - Page: 4 5 6 Div


Click on the photo to enhance the image - who do you recall ?

The Junior Company page now has a full compliment of squad photos with only a few names missing if anyone can fill those gaps please let me know. Junior Company


The 50th Anniversary Reunion of those who joined in 1962 was held  at the Bacelo Hinckley Island Hotel in Leicestershire and the National Memorial Arboretum 1st - 3rd June 2012.  A few of the 62C likely suspects who were able to attend are shown above

50th Anniversary Reunion Report now at

2012 50 Years  & a selection of Photos @  2012 photos


Latest update - 16th Dec 2020 - reporting the death of Terry Houghton Page: Roll of Honour

And Page: News Page

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