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4, 5, & 6 Div's


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December 63 Basic Electronics Class.

Top row - Kreiner, button, Bellis, Clare, Middle  row - Varadinek, Hoggins, Smith.

Bottom row - Fryer, McDonald (D Coy), Jones, Wilson, Emery, Leach.


Two pictures from George Fryer, Basic Electronics Classes, from the dates on the blackboard top one is 6 Div, bottom is 4 Div. Any one remember the name of the instructor? From memory

Top row left to right is - Laison, McDonald (C Coy), Smith, Murray, Bushby, Kreiner, Allen, Button, Fryer.

Bottom row - Varadinek, Henn, McDonald (D Coy) Mr Simpson, Lockey, Heath, Cheeseman.

With thanks to Joe Allen (D Coy) and Mac McDonald for helping out with names

December 1963 Basic Electronics class


Back Row  - Price, Eyers, Instructor Rowdy Yates, Bushby, Hooker, Tye, Yeomans (I think)


Front Row - Henn,  ? , Martin, Livingstone, Cheeseman, Lainson

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Graham Bushby kindly sent the above to me - Circa 4/5 Div, location around the trade training hangers, all “D” Coy lads: left to right - Jack Dawe, Terry Livingstone, Graham Bushby, Mick Reeves, Joe Allen, Dave Clements, Atkinson, Barry  (lucy) Ainsworth, Dale Hamilton, Frank Emery.

“C” Company 6 Div camp, Tallybont-on-Usk, Breacon Beacons. This photo must of been taken during a window in the weather when it wasn’t raining!! My thanks to Brian (Mac) McDonald for the photo.

Left to right - Mick Cheeseman, Mac McDonald, George Fryer, Jock Kelly, Johnny Bellis, Pip Rowley, Mick Charman, Dick Whitaker, Smudge Smith, Stuart Hughes,

Phil Carrington, Titch Heath.