"B" Coy

Items from "B" Company Apprentices

Many thanks to Carl (major) Powell for these photos and for reminding us that the “B” Coy  CSM  was CSM Roberts, Scots Guards, the “Beast” if we could ever forget, even those not in B Coy. I remember Bob Henn telling me he had his name taken for “moving his eyes on parade” one day!.
“B” Squad Junior Company - A/T Lcpl Len Minns (room NCO), Trev Philpot, Carl Powell (complete with broken arm), Vic Antenbring, Hayes ????
?? Wagstaff, Don Diver, ?? Richards, Stu Wright
Never fear Great Britain, we were in safe hands in the 60’s. A bunch of likely Lads ready for anything outside the camp hall

Arborfield PoP – 62c as wing of ‘B’ Coy  - (possibly 4 or 5 div?)


Rear rank:  Cpl.White, Les Gollidge, Paddy Diver, Vic Antenbringe, Jock Foster, Ray Gibbens, N/R, N/R, N/R


Middle rank:  Cpl.Lee, Tony Heffernan, Mike Hales, Dave Yeomans, N/R, Nobby Clarke, N/R, N/R, N/R


Front rank:        Cpl. Shepard, Cpl. Braithwaite, Smudge Smith, Syd Freeth, Dave Lister, ? Richards, Lainson,

Terry O’Sullivan, Drag Hart, ? Hawkins, A/T Oliver, Cpl. Revell, Cpl. Strickland, N/R, N/R, N/R.


Wing Commander: CSM. Jock Noble


Picture kindly sent in by Peter Lainson. - Click on image to expand

Now here's a couple of likely lads.

Carl (major) Powell & Peter (Ginge) Lainson

Arborfield 62 C.Brians photos.