Band Photo's


Corps of Drums lead by Drum Major A/T Sgt Carl Powell Aug 1965

Champion Piper A/T Sgt (Pipe Major) Jock (James) Kelly C Coy

Champion Bugler A/T Cpl (Drummer) Jack Dawe

D Coy

Champion Drummer

A/T Drum Sgt

Mick Cheeseman

C Coy

Reading Carnival Summer 1963 a very young A/T’s Powell, Cheeseman, and Dawe

Some Corps of Drums POP Day Aug 1965

62C Apprentices Powell Cardall, Dawe & Russell

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Some Cine footage showing the massed Bands at Quadrangular  64 in  Reading
Quadrangular 64.wmv
Pipes & Drums marching off Aug 1965 Pipe Major Carver and A/T Sgt Pipe Major Jock (Jim) Kelly
1964 - The Corps of Drums with 7 members of 62C
Top row - Ginge Gendall, Mick Cheeseman, Jack Dawe, Tony Dunne, John Rencher,  ? Roissetter.
Third row -  ?, Cardall,  ?, Alan Russell, Carl Powell, Pete Macann, Geoffrey James.
Second row - Haslam, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Mick Poffly
Front row - Tom (Jock )Grey, Jaz Mcdonald, Sgt Brian Conway REME, Band President Maj Astel, Keith Hornby, Tug Wilson.

If anyone can come up with any more names please contact me, same if you spot any mistakes. MC
Drum Major
A/T Sgt
Carl Powell
B Coy
A/T L/Cpl Drummer Alan Russell
D Coy
A/T L/Cpl
Tom (Jock) Grey
B Coy 1964
A/T Drummer
John Cardall
A Coy 1964
A/T Drum Major
Jazz Macdonald
D Coy 1964
Arborfield 62 C.Band 2.

November 1964

The Band & Drums welcome Tokyo Triple Olympic medal winner (gold, silver & bronze) Mary Rand home to Henley, photo was taken I think in the Town Hall after the parade through the town.