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The swinging 60’s, Wally Clare & Mick Cheeseman 1964.

I’ve still got the drums

Company Commander Maj. J. A. N. Sim, MC

“C” Company, Winners of Inter-Company Cricket Competition, 1964

Williams, Baker, Featherstone, Sumner, Charman, Jenkins, Brennon, Leach

L/Cpl Robson, Newman, Daggett, Kearney, L/Cpl Bellis, Pollin, Fryer, Tibbs, James

Roach, Almy, L/Cpl Martin, Capt H.J. Wallis, Maj J.A.N. Sim MC, L/Cpl Whitaker, Robinson, L/Cpl Hughes

A/T RSM material?

Rowley, Kelly, Lazenby, Bellis and McDonald all at sea, 7 Div Adventure Training Hawley lake.

J6 Home From Home?

“C” Coy Swimming Team 1963 (Picture kindly supplied by Derek Hooker) The team is heavily populated with 62C Apprentices.

Rear Row - McDermid, ?, Andy Miles, Frank Massey

Front Row - Dave Martin, Titch Heath, A/T Sgt Jim (Jock) McIntyre, Major Sim MC, CSM Henderson

Johnny Slapp, Derek Hooker.



C & D Company Offices July 2004

The Education block 2004

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62C transferred to “C” Company lines, spider barrack block rooms J5 & J6, from Junior Company on the last night of term before heading off on Xmas leave 1962. “C” Company was divided into “3 Wings” Cromwell, Churchill and there is some debate as to the third, anyone any ideas please?? (michael.cheeseman@ntlworld.com)    “C” Company was to be our home for the next two years. Each Barrack room had an A/T Sergeant or Corporal in charge of the room assisted by an A/T Lance Corporal.. Numbers in the rooms varied from 16 to 18 at times over the two years.

“C” Company Commander was Major J.A.N. Sim MC Green Howards, (you can see an account of how he won his Military Cross @  URL: http://www.pegasusarchive.org/normandy/john_sim.htm My  thanks to Brian McDonald for this link)

The CSM I believe was CSM Doggett Irish Guards, (please correct me if I am wrong).



Junior Company block 2004