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Here you will find some School teams peppered with members of 62C

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Another photo supplied by John Clay, the School Boxing team 1963/64

A good showing from 62


Rear Row - A/T Turner, J.M.  A/T L/Cpl Lawler, J.J.  A/T Towns, (Elvis) D.A.  A/T L/Cpl Chapman, M.C.  A/T’s Wilkie, J.D. O’Sullivan,T.R.

Middle row - A/T’s Wadsworth, M.D.  Anthony, L.  McAnalty E.J.  Gibbons, R.A.  Mason, D.G.  Smith, R.D.       McCracken, J.W.  Webber,D.C.  Cpl Gunning

Front Row - A/T L/Cpl Crone, W.J.  A/T’s Clarke, D.C.  Jacobs, G.W.  Col J.L. Dobie,  Sgt Pittendreigh, J/R. (REME)     A/T CSM Easton, R.  A/T’s Clay, J.L.  Lockie, J.A.