George Fryer’s photos


With Thanks to George for this selection of photos and numerous others dotted around the site , if anyone can fill in the missing names we would be pleased to hear from you (click on the pictures to enlarge)

Arborfield 62 C.C Company.Mac's photos.Pip's Pictures.Colin's photos.Military Training.

“C” Squad Junior Company Drill Competition Winners.

Sgt Jock Pittendreigh REME & Col Joe Dobie

Happy to be going on leave, Dick Whitaker & Titch Heath.

4 Div Camp based at Chickerell Camp near Weymouth, resting  their feet are, Alf Eldon , Percy Hoggins, Steve Wilson, ???, Ken Schofield.

A moments relaxation for Steve Wilson , Alf  Eldon, George Fryer and Colin Hamilton.

A calculated guess is that 62C are in 6 Div for this POP.  Dick Whitaker & Stu Hughes (front rank) have stripes up. Right marker A/T L/Cpl Russ Robson (62B)

Jock Kelly

Wally Clare, Drummer Mick & Fred Kreiner ready for parade

The AAS Arborfield “C” Company Winners of  Junior & Youth Athletics 1964

Lots of 62C representatives.

(click the picture to enlarge and see all the names)

Party time, I can’t remember when though!!!!!!!!!!!               

George tells me its Xmas 64, 7 Div.

9 Div  Dick Drummond & Dave (Arthur) Eyers                           Frank Hills  & Jack (Derek) Dawe

( Div - Some more trained soldiers - Titch Heath, Barry Ainsworth, Carl Powell, Stu Hughes, George Fryer, ????.

Drum Major Carl Powell Leads the Band & Drums 12 August 1965

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Losh Lockey & Jock Kelly in party mood