Brian (Mac) McDonald’s Photos

Dick Whitaker

4 Div

6 div basic electronics class - rear row - Bob Henn, Simon Button, Smudge Smith, George Fryer, Graham Bushby, Fred Kreiner, Joe Allen, Jaz McDonald. Front - Nick Veradinek, Losh Lockey, Mac McDonald, Titch Heath, Mick Cheeseman, Ginge Lainson.

With Thanks to Brian for this selection of photos , if anyone can fill in the missing names we would be pleased to hear from you (click on the pictures to enlarge)


Arborfield 62 C.C Company.George's Photos.Pip's Pictures.Colin's photos.Military Training.

The Happy residents of J5 - Rear - Dick Whitaker, Pip Rowley, Titch Heath (on Mac’s Shoulders), Smudge Smith, DaveMartin, Bob Leach. Front - Evan Williams, Steve Wilson, Losh Lockey, Mac, Ken Schofield, Elvis Towns

Brian Lazenby & Johnny Slapp with A/T Lcpl Russ Robson 62B

Possibly 5 Div

Leaning on each other for support - Johnny Bellis, Stu Hughes, Johnny Slapp, Colin Hamilton. (Must be 6 Div Johnny has L/Cpl stripe up)

Outside J5, Rear - Derek Hooker, Colin Hamilton, George Fryer, Dave Mason?, Tim Almy. Front - Fred Kreiner, Dave Martin, Losh Lockey, ????, Laying down on the job Brian Lazenby. Thought to be 5 Div.

6 Div Camp - Tallybont on Usk - Mick Cheesman, Mac McDonald, George Fryer, Jock Kelly, Johnny Bellis, Pip Rowley, Mick Charman, Dick Whitaker, Smudge Smith, Stu Hughes, Phil Carrington, Titch Heath.

Mick Charman - Hawley Lake

Cliff Hanger - 7 Div Adventure Training - bottom to top - Pip Rowley, Titch Heath, Mac, Stu Hughes.

AAS Arborfield 1st XI Hocky Team 1964/65 - lots of 62C

Rear Row - Smudge Smith, Mac McDonald, Cox, Tim Almy, Cook, George Fryer, Front Row - Sharpe, Sid Freeth, Brian Lazenby, Capt Pilling, Col Paris, Steve Wilson, Deane Nwopko, Wagstaff

C Coy Winners of the Aldershot & District Hockey League 1964/65 - Rear Row - ???, ???, Brian Lazenby, ???, Tim Almy, ???, Front Row - Smudge Smith, Mac, Maj Sim MC, Steve Wilson, George Fryer.

C Coy Hockey Team (7 Div?) - Rear Row - Cheshire, ???, ???, ???, Lofty Nash??, George Fryer, Tim Almy, ???, Front Row - Brian Lazenby, Sgt Pearson, Maj Sim MC, Steve Wilson, Mac.

A selection of 8 Div times in the snow, there looks more than in 1963

obviously during our military training week

Dick Whitaker

Mac McDonald on Target

Johnny Bellis & Stu Hughes


Les Jones, Steve Wilson, Stu Hughes & Jock Kelly having a laugh at something

Stu Hughes & Johnny Bellis,

I think this must be 9 Div

9 Div, is this what they call Adventure Training?

Top of the tree Jock Kelly, next Phil (Carrots) Carrington, on the bottom rung of the ladder, Johnny Bellis

Back To Top

Sgts Three - Sgt Wilson RA, - A/T Sgt Mac (Brian) McDonald, A/T Sgt Jock (Jim) Kelly, A/T Sgt Johnny Bellis

Sgt Wilson RA, A/T Sgt Johnny Bellis (before he was promoted to CSM) A/T CSM Dick Whitaker, prior to being promoted to A/T RSM.

Mac & Dick relax in “C” Company lines

Why  is Pete Ballard on the ranges in his No 2 Dress?

3 Guys - Carl Powell, Joe Allen, Tim Almy

“C” Company Tug of War Team 1965

Rear Row - Taff Rowe, ???, ???, Tibbs, Stu Hughes, ???, ???,

Front Row - Steve Wilson, Mac McDonald, Major Sim MC, ???, Wilson.

Can anyone fill in the missing names please

Cliff Hanger 2 - Permanent Staff Sgt, Steve Wilson, Titch Heath, Mac, Stu Hughes.

Mac & Steve Wilson about to capsize into the dubious waters of  Hawley Lake

A selection of photos from our 7 Div Adventure Training week which took place in the Brecon Beacons, Abingdon Parachute School (no photos of this anyone got any?) and Hawley Lake.


Breakfast time (possibly) for Steve Wilson

Hawley Lake morning - Jock Kelly, Steve Wilson and who is looking for grubs??? Answers please.

“C” Company AAS Arborfield - Winners of the School Junior Athletics and Aldershot District Youths Athletics 1965

62C represented by George Fryer, top row 4th from left, Middle Row Mac McDonald, far left, Tim Almy, far right, Front Row - Johnny Bellis & Stu Hughes flanking Major Sim MC, Steve Wilson, Jock Kelly & Smudge Smith.

Steve Wilson, Mac McDonald, & Tim Almy, what a sporting lot 62C were

Losh Lockey tucked up for the night in J5

Outside J5 - Right to left - Elvis Towns, Dick Whitaker, Alf Leach, Steve Wilson, Smudge Smith, Ken Schofield, Mac McDonald, unknown who has back to camera.

Getting to grips with the LMG, Mac McDonald  No1 & Jim Kelly No2 on Ash Ranges 1965,

9 Div Military Training.

Here’s something you didn’t see too often, a goal being scored past Johnny Bellis, AAS Arborfield, Army Cup Semifinal, far left Russ Robson 62B and Jim (Jock) Kelly in Arborfield colours look on.

What’s the A/T RSM doing on the roof and what does  the “C” Company A/T CSM think he’s playing at ?

Do these three budding technicians really know what they're doing??

Dave Martin, Ginge Lainson and Mac McDonald having graduated to the SEE

An A/T Sgts Mess Dinner - left to right - Dick Drummond, Terry O’Sullivan, Alan Wells, Ken Schofield, ?, John Clay, Paul Roach (63A), ?, ?, ?, Peter Lainson, Jock Kelly, Terry Livingston

Picture 2 for the A/T Sgts Mess Dinner - left to right - Apples Orchard, Sid Freeth, Geordie Illingworth (63A), John Smith, Johnny Bellis, ?, Phil Carrington, Carl Powell, RSM Harold Simpson Cold Stream Guards, Dick Whitaker, Mick Hales, Mick Cheeseman.