Ken Schofield - 24th October 1997 - C Company

John (Bob) Roberts - 4th July 2006 - D Company

Further details obtained from the Arborfield Old Boys web site

David (Taff) Isgrove Oct1996 - A Company

Steve (Titch) Kerr late 2000 - A Company

Advised by Jenny Rowley via Brian McDonald

Phillip (Pip) Rowley 30th Dec 2007- C Company

Garth (Mike) Middlemass August 2013 - C Company (62B)

Derek(Fred) Kreiner Nov 2013 - C Company

David (Arfer) Eyers 2013 - D Company

David Spawforth  17th Jan 2017- D Company

Pete Neale early 2016 - A Company

Len Cavanagh June 2018 (published in OBAN July 2020) - D Company

Terry Houghton 25th June 2020 (published in OBAN) - A Company


This page is dedicated to those of our commerades sadly known to be no longer with us


Army Apprentice School Arborfield

Intake 62C 10th September 1962

Roll of Honour


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Phillip (Pip) Rowley

Derek (Fred) Kreiner

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David (Arfer) Eyers

Len Cavanagh Died  (D Company) passed away June 2018

Terry Houghton